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April 2010:

GAP type High temperature conductors G(Z)TACSR are added to C-DAB database



The company SW-FR solutions is specialized in developing and applying calculation software to solve technical problems within the range of electrical power supply. Our focus is on high voltage overhead lines and overhead conductors.

In cooperation with the applying TSO’s, DSO’s, engineering companies, conductor manufacturers and universities we continuously improve, extend and maintain our solutions.

Our ampacity calculation software

    CTC - Current and temperature calculation of overhead conductors

is permanently enhanced since 1998 and presently available in Version 6.5.

It is designed to estimate the steady state and transient state of overhead conductor current and temperature according to the calculation methods of CIGRE, Webs, Kirn

The program is currently used by 30 companies and institutions within six countries and was also applied within the german DENA Grid Study II to calculate the ampacity according to CIGRE publication “Thermal behaviour of overhead conductors”.

More information about this application by following the link link_icon_gelb


Last updated: 06.08.2018